World Clean-up Day 2019 in Mount Lawu

Solid waste in the mountain region has no less urgency than any other waste problem in the world. In fact, due to the remoteness and the high location, mountain solid waste has a huge impact on the lives downstream. Sadly, environmental issues in the mountain region are somehow slipped from global attention.

This year Tanah Tinggi and Dompet Dhuafa are joining forces to combat the solid waste problem in the mountain. We start our project by conducting World Clean-up Day 2019 in Mount Lawu this 20th-22nd of September. This event will involve about 5 local communities and more than 50 volunteers.

We will start the event with a workshop about preparing environmentally friendly trekking in which all the volunteer will learn how to be a better traveller for the environment. The main activities will be cleaning up solid waste including plastic, metal and glass waste at 3.000-meter high and bring them down to Cemoro Sewu basecamp at 1.800 m asl. We will estimate the volume and identify the type and the brand of each piece of the waste.

The data will further be used to develop better waste management for Cemoro Sewu hiking trail and also be used for raising awareness through social media campaigns. (Rdwn)

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