Protecting and endangered mountain orchid Papiophedilum javanicum

We are currently conducting a research about the population and the distribution of an endangered (IUCN status) orchid species Papiophedilum javanicum in mount Lawu, Java. This endemic species occurrence is exclusive to Java and partly Sumatera and Bali. The population is fast declining. Wild collection for commercial use and degrading forest system are the main threat of this beautiful orchid. At this first stage of our conservation effort we expect to get better understanding of current status of the species in the area. We are going to use the data collected to develop education and community-based conservation program. 

Assessing mountain mammals in non-protected area with LEK

Using local ecological knowledge (LEK), we are assessing threatened mammals and identifying their important habitat sites in mount Lawu region. Red listed mammals such as Javan Leopard, Javan Lutung, Sunda Pangolin etc are pushed to inhabit high altitude forest due to massive land use change in Java. From this project, we aim to get a clear picture of important site within mountain region that need to be protected for mammals conservation. We are working with local community, forest agency and government bodies to ensure the success of the project


Past Projects

on going project

SRAWUNG (Mountain Knowledge Sharing)

We acknowledge the crucial role of local communities to conserve mountain ecosystem. Thus, we initiated SRAWUNG (mountain knowledge sharing) as a platform for local hiker communities and mountains enthusiasts to share ideas, opinion, and solution for issues that we are facing in mountain regions such as solid waste, environmentally responsible hiking and human-wildlife conflict. We gathered so much information and made some important allies that could benefit the effort of conserving our mighty mountains. We have held the event in Solo and Yogyakarta and looking forward for our next SRAWUNG in other cities.

Figure: Small group discussion as part of SRAWUNG in Solo last April, discussing about the way hikers could reduce their solid waste.

Biodiversity Survey in Mount Lawu

Biodiversity has not yet been well-recorded in Mount Lawu, but some species such as Javan Leopard, Muntjac deer, Javan Hawk-Eagle and others have been reportedly facing a serious threat. Together with KS BIODIV and Kepak Sayap SC, we are conducting basic biodiversity survey for flora and fauna including big mammals in Mount Lawu. Currently, 600+ species have been recorded and this number is increasing over time. Having comprehensive data on biodiversity could really influence the conservation strategy in Mount Lawu

Figure: Figure: Turdus poliocephalus in Mount Lawu.

Baseline Survey of Mountain Waste

We are collecting data related to waste issue in Mount Lawu based on survey and literature study. This survey includes calculating the amount of waste generated from various sources, classifying the source of waste and evaluating the current waste management efficiency.

Figure: Hikers bringing down their trashes from Mongkrang hill, Karanganyar, Central Java (February, 2019)

up coming Event

World Clean-up Day 2019, Mount Lawu

20-22 September 2019

Joining global movement combating solid waste problem, Tanah Tinggi HC and Dompet Dhuafa are joining forces to conduct solid waste audit in Mount Lawu, Java. There will be about 50 volunteers hiking up the 3.265 mountain and clean the area up, bring the waste down and evaluate the volume, the type and the brand of the waste. The results will used to develop better waste management in the area. More info please check our update in our instagram account @tanahtingi.id