Our On-going Projects

Mountain Research

Starting on December 2019, we will conduct population and distribution survey of endangered orchid,Papiophedilum javanicum. We welcome you to join this survey. Not only collecting data, you will also get involved in raising awareness program.

Mountain Education

If you like children, we have an education program for elementary school student. You can be one of the facilitators and take the students out of the class to learn about mountain in a very interactive way with nature. 

Community Engagement

We are creating mountain “greenbelt” in Mt. Lawu. You can contribute by helping local community planting trees in the forest-edge with environmentally and economically beneficial tree species. Or join our mountain waste management program reducing plastic garbage from hiking activity

Other Projects?

Volunteer in Media. You can also be a volunteer working from home by contributing on our media platforms by creating contents in a form of infographics, articles, video campaign and podcast. We use these platforms to share information and raise public awareness that hopefully can leads to positive attitude toward mountain. 

Bring your own project. If you have interesting research, education or community engagement program in your mind that are inline with our mission, just tell us. We can facilitate to transfer your idea into real impactful program.

Just drop your info here and we will contact you !

Drop your info below and we will reach out to you