Mountain as we speak is losing its benefit intensities per second

Tanah Tinggi Highland Conservation is a non-profit NGO that focuses on addressing conservation issue in mountain regions. Tanah Tinggi is dedicated to protect its biodiversity and sustain its natural ecosystem by promoting sustainable mountain management. Through our three main approaches, research, education and community engagement, we seek for collaborative work with multilevel stakeholder and communities who are directly or indirectly related to mountain ecosystem.


Tanah Tinggi is dreaming about sustainable mountain development where the biodiversity is protected and the ecosystem services is sustained for better environment and human well-being. We strive for the balance of social, environmental and economic growth in mountain region. Tanah Tinggi acknowledges the sensitivity and interconnectivity through space and generations when working with nature and society especially with fragile ecosystem like mountain. Therefore, Tanah Tinggi needs a long term conservation planning and strategy and collaborative work in multi-stakeholder level.


Our mission is to contribute to the conservation of threatened biodiversity and ecosystem of the mountain landscape by promoting sustainable mountain management to the communities. We are working on this mission through our 3 main approaches:

  1. Research. We conduct research in mountain regions and providing reliable data as a base of conservation strategies and actions.
  2. Education. We provide education program for local communities and to the general public to raise their awareness toward mountain. 
  3. Community engagement. We facilitate the active participation of mountain communities to improve ecosystem quality and sustainably manage mountain resources.