Muhammad Ridwan

Muhammad completed his Master in Biology specialized in Conservation and System Ecology from Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands. His passion on mountain conservation started back to 2011 when He led a team of 30 students assessing the habitat of iconic mountain bird, Turdus poliocephalus, in Mount Lawu. Ever since, he started his journey on understanding mountain ecosystem and has worked extensively on biodiversity assessment and monitoring as well as documentation of cultural diversity in the mountain regions and the affected areas in Java.


Diagal is experienced in dragonfly research and biodiversity with Indonesia Dragonfly Society. He has conducted dragonfly research and biodiversity on Java, Halmahera, Lombok, Krakatau, and North Sumatra. Not only conducting science research, but also writing it in popular science books. He has participated in writing 3 popular science books, “Mengungkap Hulu Bengawan Solo”, “Kehati UNS”, and “200+ Flora & Fauna  Arboretum Sumber Brantas”. Besides that he is also active in developing environmental communities in Solo and Jogjakarta.

Yudha Noviana

Novi has extensive experience on biodiversity, health, medicinal and social survey across the country since 2013. She got engaged in numerous research in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Maluku, and Nusa Tenggara and interacted with various communities including urban, rural and indigenous communities during her projects. This experiences has made Novi to be very good working with community. Beside, she is also an active mountain trekker and get involved in several mountain-enthusiast communities and puts special interest on  on trekking safety.

M. Arif Romadlon
Research team

Arif finished his bachelor degree in Biology from Sebelas Maret University. He has engaged in various research mainly on environmental issues, biodiversity, and biotechnology. His main interest and passion is on Orchids biodiversity. He has identified more than 80 species of orchids in Lawu Mountain himself.

Novita eka syaputri

Nobi holds a master’s degree in Communication, Health, and Life Sciences from Wageningen University, The Netherlands. When she climbed Mount Rinjani in Lombok in 2012 prior to her bachelor degree graduation ceremony, she was so mesmerized by Rinjani’s landscape but at the same time terrified by the impact of mass mountaineering tourism in there. Five years later, she dedicated her master’s thesis on social learning in mountaineering tourism towards pro-environmental behaviour in Mount Rinjani National Park.


Alam hold’s a degree in communication and has an expertise in marketing and business development. He is running his own lifestyle brand called KASUAL.ID. Outside his business, he has always been enchanted in working with community and here he is helping Tanah Tinggi to build its media platform.